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10 Years

In the presence of more than 200 guests, the audit and advisory firm PKF doo Belgrade hosted a gala event on Friday, September 19th to celebrate 10 year anniversary of its successful business operations in Serbia.

On the same night, the Managing Partner of PKF Belgrade, Petar Grubor has declared that starting from August 1st 2014 the PKF Belgrade has gained huge strategic boost in the form of the professional staff and renowned clients of the new PKF office in Novi Sad (former audit firm PAN Revizija Novi Sad).

Says Petar: "We have once again confirmed that our professional and strategic mission has real grounds and that the promise we made to our clients and professional public has been achieved by the opening of the PKF Serbia office in Novi Sad."  


10 Godina 

10 Godina 

10 Godina 

10 Godina 

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10 Godina